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Sr. No Tender Name Tender Description File Link
181 NIT No.2175.pdf Providing and laying of 150/100 mm dia D.I. Pipeline at I/A Banmore, District Morena Download
182 NIT No. 2173.pdf Providing and fixing RCC Cover for existing RCC Drain at I/A Maharajpura, Distt. Gwalior Download
183 NIT No.2170.pdf Erection of M.S. Tubular Poles with laying of under ground cable and other works at I/A Jaderua, Distt. Morena Download
184 NIT No.2172.pdf Security Cum Maintenance of 600mm dia PSC MS Pipe Raising Main under Kotwal Water Supply Scheme, Ghirongi District Bhind. Download
185 NIT No.2171.pdf Construction of RCC Hume Pipe Culvert at I/A Banmore, District Morena Download
186 IMG_0001.pdf Upgradation of existing asphalted road by cement concrete road pavement at DTIC I/A Morena Download
187 NIT No.2167.pdf Providing of 24 Hours complete Security at Readymade Garment Park Campus Dukool, Gadaipura, Gwalior Download
188 NIT No.2165.pdf Providing of 24 Hours complete Security in Kotwal Intake Well Campus Site at Kotwal Dam, District Morena Download
189 NITs For Security.jpg NITs For Security Download
190 NIT No.2160.pdf Maintenance of 600mm dia to 80mm dia PSC, MS, AC, GI and CI Pressure Distribution Pipe Line at Industrial Area Ghirongi, District Bhind Download