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Result of interview for “selection of incubatees” for Apparel Incubation Center, Gwalior

About Us

The Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (Gwalior) M.P. Ltd., Gwalior was formed as a subsidiary Company of Madhya Pradesh Trade and Investment Facilitation Corporation Ltd., Bhopal . It was registered under the Companies Act, 1956, with the Registrar of Companies in May, 1985.

  • The main Objects of the Corporation are as under :

    • » To develop or to assist in the development of Industrial Growth Centres/Areas in the northern area of the State of Madhya Pradesh in general and in the areas of its jurisdiction in particular as may be decided by Government of Madhya Pradesh or by itself. For this purpose to take suitable steps to obtain/acquire land from Government or private sources and/or to arrange, coordinate the availability of all essential infrastructural inputs -basic facilities such as Roads, Water, Power and Plantation etc.

    • »To promote, encourage and assist the establishment, growth and development of industries and industrialisation in the northern area of the State of Madhya Pradesh.

    • »To prepare, undertake and promote industrial Schemes either solely or jointly with the Government or any Corporation, Company, Association, Institution or individuals for industrial development of Madhya Pradesh.

    • »To encourage and take steps for procurement and establishment of public sector, industrial projects.

    • »To encourage and take all steps to attract and invite entrepreneurs, industrialists, businessmen and promoters to promote, establish industrial projects and enterprises in Madhya Pradesh.

    • »To encourage and promote participation of capital in industrial enterprises and investment market in Madhya Pradesh.

    • »To aid and advise in securing foreign exchange and foreign collaboration required for industrial projects set up or to be set up in Madhya Pradesh.

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